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Roombuzz is an interior décor service that helps you transform your space in your style and budget, one room at a time.

Roombuzz was founded with one goal: to Make beautiful decor accessible, quick and simple. Decorating your home isn’t an easy task, so we are here to guide you and ease the process with our online decor packages. From floor plans to custom shopping lists, our decor packages give you everything you need to transform your room into a space that you love.

The easiest way to transform your space into rooms that bring you joy, fresh energy and make you go WOW!

Professional online interior décor services specializing in creative and fun designs for bedrooms, playrooms, and family rooms. No hidden fees or wasted time. 

Roombuzz Online Interior Design

The process is so much easier than you think

Online room design
Couch Outline

Step 1 - Nice to meet you.

Choose a room design package, set your budget and we will send you an online style quiz so we can learn your preferred style.

Online room decor service
Roombuzz interior design
Roombuzz Online Interior Design

Roombuzz Mini

(aka Decor it out) 800 NIS/ 280 USD

Our Mini package is perfect for those who have furniture but want to freshen up and elevate their room. Their room feels disjointed and lacking excitement. With décor items, paint, wallpaper, rugs and endless creativity we can give your room a major facelift.


*Takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish

Roombuzz Classic

(aka Flipped out) 1800 NIS/580 USD

The Classic package is the full package. Bring us an empty room or a few single pieces and we will source the rest. If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and hoping to one day have a beautiful cohesive room, this is your chance. We will take your room and shock you with its potential.

*Takes 3-4 weeks from start to finish

Roombuzz Premium

(aka Lasting impression) 4800 NIS / 1480 USD

If you have more than one room, then the Premium package is an absolute no brainer. Not only will we work our magic in 3 of your rooms giving you the cohesive home you always dreamed of but we will also help you place all your orders. Talk about a major time saver.

*Takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish

All our packages come with an easy-to-follow floor plan, an inspiring design board, and an interactive shopping list with all the furniture and decor items included in your design board.

Hi there, I’m Rachel

Mom of 3 and interior decor obsessed from the time I can remember.

Over the past 18 months I’ve transformed over 150 rooms around the world from boring, messy uninspiring spaces into beautiful, cohesive, fun, creative rooms that leave my clients coming back for more.

After working as an interior designer in NYC, Chicago and Israel I was tired of seeing so much money poured into the technical aspects of design only to leave the end result feeling unfinished and uninspiring. I decided to focus on the last and final piece of the puzzle, the decor, the look and feel of the room. This final step usually gets forgotten or overlooked as the budget is usually dwindled by this point.

With my virtual packages I make it accessible and attainable to transform your rooms into Pinterest worthy beautiful rooms and a home that you truly love.

Online Interior Design Israel

Before & After Transformations 

Online room decor service
Online room decor service



Be our guest


A comfortable, clean, hotel like bedroom for guests.



The size and location of the large window. The window is off centered and starts low down.



By fabricating a wall to wall headboard we were able to center the bed on the entire wall rather than under the window thus leaving an equal amount of space on either side. In addition, the headboard doesn't stop at the height of the window but rather goes up even higher enabling us to create a large comfortable bed. 

"I fully trusted Rachel with her design and opinion and I have no regrets! I gave her a budget that she stayed within and I'm so happy the way each room came out."

- Lital, Florida

Meet Our Clients

Read about some of the beautiful rooms our clients have completed.

Roombuzz Online Interior Design

A completely custom room design awaits.

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