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Roombuzz is a user-friendly, easy way to transform rooms in your home into beautiful, fresh, cohesive spaces that enhance your life and leave you feeling happy.

Our Mission

We know what it’s like to feel completely overwhelmed and intimidated at the thought of decorating your home. Who has time or patience to run around from store to store only to come back empty handed or worse, with items that don’t fit your space or contribute to the overall look?

Our process makes it so easy to achieve those Pinterest-worthy rooms you long for. The Roombuzz way eliminates choice fatigue, costly mistakes, wasted time and gives you peace of mind. Want to get started?

Heart Chat Message Outline

"I felt so lost when it came to re-doing a few rooms in our house and when I came across Roombuzz, it was such a relief!"

"The company was extremely attentive, responsive at all hours, and I really felt like I had a huge support system in bringing my room visions to life. They grasped my ideas right away and helped me source what I needed, figure out a timeline and just overall gather my thoughts and stay organized. I would highly recommend Roombuzz - they are the total package!”

- Dara, Pardes Chana

Roombuzz Online Interior Design


I'm Rachel, an interior designer, wallpaper addict and lover of all things home decor. 

After graduating with a B. Design from the college of management I hopped on a plane to NY where I started my interior design career. I spent 4 years in a boutique design build firm designing some of the most prestigious apartments in Manhattan and working alongside world renowned interior decorators. From there I moved to Chicago where I designed and decorated local town houses and apartments.

Since returning to Israel and seeing the accessibility increase dramatically in the last few years, I decided there was a niche to fill and a need to be met. Many people watch DIY television, and have Pinterest pages full of images and great ideas for their homes but aren’t quite sure or don’t feel confident enough to execute them alone.

Capitalizing on my keen eye, budgeting and sourcing expertise, and ability to work with clients in every style, I created Roombuzz.

Roombuzz is an interior decor solution that helps people achieve the unique and personal spaces they want and ultimately love where they live!

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