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The gift that keeps on giving.

So many large milestones in life require changes to your physical space:  weddings, birth, moving, just to name a few. What better way to celebrate these large milestones than by gifting a loved one the ability to make these changes thoughtfully and deliberately?


Gifting them the ability to be guided through the process and the end result being a beautiful new space. 

Online Interior Design

We offer our mini, classic and premium packages as gift cards in addition to a one time virtual consultation.

The virtual consultation is 45 minutes long, and in it, we focus on one or more areas of the home and provide practical input on the unique needs of the recipient. Whether it be layout conundrums, decorating advice or assistance in sourcing specific items, we are all yours for these 45 minutes.

Roombuzz Mini

800 NIS / 280 USD

Roombuzz Classic

1800 NIS / 580 USD

Roombuzz Premium

4800 NIS / 1480 USD

45-min Virtual Consultation

400 NIS / 125 USD

Please email with the gift card choice as well as the recipient’s email and a personalized message.

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