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  • Can I gift a Roombuzz package to someone?
    Absolutely! Roombuzz makes for a great wedding gift, baby gift or any special occasion celebration. Make note the service does not include the purchase of the items which is a separate fee depending on the budget.
  • What is included in a Roombuzz package?
    All of our packages include two initial design boards, a final room design, a detailed floor plan, set-up instructions, and a personalized online shopping list. Our premium package includes purchasing assistance.
  • Can I go to stores and see the items you choose for me?
    We try not to limit ourselves to very local stores but if this is important to you please let us know and we will try to accommodate.
  • I have an open floor plan and the living room and dining room are in a shared open space. How many rooms is that considered?
    We consider those as two separate rooms. Although the look and style needs to be consistent, the functions are different and therefore we view them as two rooms and not one.
  • How much does traditional interior design cost?
    Interior designers typically charge anywhere from 200 NIS - 550 NIS ($100 - $250) per hour. Do the math. Our virtual packages help bring down costs.
  • How many rooms can I decorate?
    You can decorate every room in your home with us. For more than one room we recommend our Premium package.
  • I am in the process of renovating. At what point should I contact you?
    Congratulations! We recommend contacting us once the walls are up, plastered and ready for measurements.
  • I have most of my furniture but am only looking for one or two missing pieces? Which package is that considered?
    The basic package does not include any furniture sourcing therefore you would need a classic package.
  • Do you work with my existing furniture?
    Yes we do. We are all about saving costs and Roombuzz was born out of an understanding that by adding elements that speak the same language and create the “look and feel” you are trying to achieve, it doesn't matter that there are older pieces mixed in.

Frequently Asked Questions

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