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Client Stories

Aliyah Abode

Location: Raanana, Israel

Package: 2 x Roombuzz premium packages: living room, dining room, guest room, playroom, master bedroom, girls room

On June 1st 2021 we received a message from a young family of 4 in New York: “ family is moving to Raanana in a month and I was wondering if you could help me design and order furniture to arrive before we get there on June 30th."

We usually recommend giving 4-6 weeks to design, revise, finalize and order everything. Add an additional 3 – 6 weeks for receiving and installing all the items, this brings us to approximately 8-10 weeks from the time we start.

4 weeks to get everything done from start to finish is very tight, but how could we say no?! We’ve been in their shoes and know how hard it is picking up and moving across the world, let alone to a country where they don’t speak your mother tongue and going straight into 2 weeks of quarantine with two young daughters.

Capitalizing on our knowledge of the design scene in Israel, relationships we’ve established as well as direct lines with furniture stores around the country, we immediately got to work.

We started off with understanding and learning their style, needs and wants and followed up with producing 6 realistic, beautiful design boards. We made sure to only include items in their budget and in stock since we had no time to waste.

Guess how many rounds of revisions we had?


That’s right, we took the time to understand exactly what they were looking for and nailed the designs on our first shot.

From that point onwards until they stepped off the plane, it was work, work, work, and the end result speaks for itself.

The best part is everything can be picked up and easily moved in the future to their next home as this is a temporary rental.


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